HRP Stabilizing Diluent (Phosphate Buffered)


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This product has been developed to increase significantly the shelf life of diluted peroxidase-labeled proteins. Stability is increased at room temperature storage conditions in addition to 2-8 centigrade. This product is subjected to 0.45-micron filtration and contains no mercury or azide.

Our formulation insures consistently high levels of activity for both the enzyme and the antibody following long-term storage at final-use dilution. HRP Stabilizer greatly improves the signal-to-noise ratios, increasing immunoassay sensitivity and offers cleaner assays. This product has been chemically engineered to increase conjugate stability providing the  a longer shelf life, resistance to various shipping conditions & storage temperatures and improved day-to-day assay precision.

HRP Stabilizing Diluent is highly recommended for use in ELISA development, in conjunction with Teomics's proprietary Coating Stabilizer, IncrediBlock Advance, Washing solution, TMB (high sensitivity) and Stop Solution.

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