MUC1 / EMA / CD227 (Clone E29)


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Species: Mouse
Immunogen: Delipidated extract of human milk fat globule membranes
Clone: E29
Isotype: : IgG2a, kappa
Species Reactivity: Human. Reacts moderately with Pig and Dog. Others not known.
Positive Control: MCF-7 or MDA-231 cells. Breast or colon carcinoma.
Specificity: In Western blotting, this antibody recognizes proteins in a MW range of 265-400kDa, identified as different glycoforms of MUC1. This antibody reacts with the DTRP epitope within the tandem repeats. In immunohistochemical assays, it superbly stains routine formalin/paraffin carcinoma tissues. An antibody to MUC1 is useful as a pan-epithelial marker for detecting early metastatic loci of carcinoma in bone marrow or liver.

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