Oil Red O Stain Kit (For Fat)


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Oil Red O Stain Kit (For Fat) is intended for use in the histological visualization of fat cells and neutral fat. Oil Red O is a dye that is excellent for the demonstration of general localization of fats in frozen tissue sections. Oil Red O staining can be used to visualize tumors arising from fat cells, allowing them to be differentiated from other types of tumors. In addition, Oil Red O is useful for identification of degenerating material, such as cell membranes or myelin, that contains fat deposits. 

Oil Red O staining is based upon the greater solubility of the dye in the lipoid substances than the usual hydro-alcoholic dye solvents. This kit may be used only on frozen tissue sections, fresh smears, or touch preps.

Fat Cells: Red
Neutral Fat: Red
Nuclei: Blue

Instructions For Use

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