Permanent Mounting Media (Aqueous)


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Preserve AEC, Fast Red, DAB and fluorescently-stained samples using our superior mountant for microscopy.

AEC and Fast Red are the most commonly used chromogens for peroxidase and alkaline phosphatase based immunostaining systems respectively. However, slides stained with these chromogens cannot be stored permanently.

Permanent Mounting Medium (Aqueous) has been designed to overcome this limitation. This product is an aqueous mounting medium with a very high refractive index, which when applied to the stained tissue sections can store the tissue specimens permanently without fading of the chromogens. Because of the superior refractive index, tissues mounted in this medium look like dehydrated specimens. No coverslipping is required. However, if coverslipping is desired, dry slides can be post mounted using an organic based mounting medium.

Advantages of this product include no coverslip, no exposure to organic fumes, permanent storage of slides and high resolution of tissue specimens. This reagent is compatible with AEC, DAB, Fast Red, BCIP/NBT, BCIP/INT and fluorescent dyes like FITC and phycobiliproteins. High pH ensures increased stability of fluorescence.

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