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TWEEN 20 (Polyoxyethylenesorbitan Monolaurate) is a versatile nonionic detergent that is widely incorporated in biochemical and immunohistochemical applications, as well as an agent that can be used to prepare emulsions. In biochemical studies, TWEEN 20 can be used for lysing mammalian cells at concentrations of 0.005 to 0.5% and is useful for removal of peripheral proteins in membrane pre-extraction proceedures. TWEEN 20 is also widely used as a blocking agent for membrane-based immunoassays at a typical concentration of 0.05%, and is often incorporated in immunohistochemical buffers at a concentration of 0.1%.

TWEEN 20 is heat sensitive and should be used only after testing, particularly with autoclaving when metal cations are present in solutions. Tween 20 is generally have been reported to be incompatible with a variety of alkali agents, heavy metal salts, tannic acid and phenols, and may also reduce the activity of many preservatives.

Solutions made with Tween 20 have a limited shelf-life (particularly at room temperature) because polysorbates such as Tween 20 undergo autoxidation during storage, with changes being catalyzed by light, increased temperature, and copper sulfate.

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