Blue Feulgen DNA Ploidy Analysis Staining Kit


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Our Blue Feulgen DNA Ploidy Analysis Staining Kit is a histochemical reagent kit for quantifying the nuclear DNA content in cells. The kit can be used on a variety of specimen types from cytocentrifuge preparations to formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue sections. A unique formulation eliminates dye precipitation and results in a cleaner stain than conventional Feulgen reagent-based kits.

This stain kit is optimized for DNA Ploidy specimens that will be stained then scanned and viewed on image analysis systems. The basis of the Feulgen staining procedure is the use of an acid hydrolysis step to remove purines from the deoxyribose backbone of the DNA molecule. The newly exposed deoxyribose sugars have an aldehyde group, and this can then be identified by staining with a Schiff reagent (in this case, an aqueous solution of cresyl-violet and sulfurous acid used to test for the presence of aldehydes). The amount of stain color developed is directly proportional to the amount of DNA present in the stained cells.

Store at 2-8 degree C

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