CD31 (Clone C31.7)


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Species: Mouse
Clone: C31.7
Isotype: IgG1, Kappa
Species Reactivity: Human.
Positive Control: Tonsil Cellular Localization: Primarily membrane.
Specificity: This antibody recognizes a 100kDa glycoprotein in endothelial cells and 130kDa in platelets. This antibody reacts with endothelial cells in normal tissues and in benign and malignant proliferations. In cryostat sections and blood smears the antibody also stains megakaryocytes, platelets and occasionally plasma cells. It reacts weakly with mantle zone B cells, peripheral T cells, and neutrophils. Antibody to CD31 is of value in the study of benign and malignant vascular tumors. Staining for CD31 has also been used to measure angiogenesis, which reportedly predicts tumor recurrence.

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