UchL1 (PGP9.5) (Clone 31A3)


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Species: Mouse
Clone: 31A3
Isotype: Mouse IgG1, Kappa
Species Reactivity: Cow, Human, Mouse, Pig, Rat.
Positive Control: Brain.
Specificity: The UchL1 clone 31A3 antibody stains neuronal cell bodies and axons in the central and peripheral nervous systems as well as small nerve fibers in peripheral tissues, including epidermal tissues (Day & Thompson, 2010). The antibody also stains neuroendrocrine cells in the kidney, pituitary, thyroid, pancreas, gastrointestinal tract, and tumors of the diffuse neuroendocrine system. This antibody has also identified UchL1 expression in renal tubule spermatogonia, testis, ovary, and both pregnant and non-pregnant corpus luteum.

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