Copper Stain Kit (For Microwave)


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1 kit (125 slides)

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The Copper Stain Kit (For Microwave) is a rapid (2 hr) staining kit that is intended for the demonstration of copper deposits in tissue sections, most commonly in cases of suspected Wilson's disease. Wilson's disease is a rare autosomal disorder caused by decreased serum ceruloplasmin, a blood protein that transports serum copper. Ceruloplasmin deficiency leads to excessive copper accumulation in brain, eye, and liver. In the liver, hepatic copper accumulation results in fatty change, acute hepatitis, chronic hepatitis, eventually resulting in cirrhosis. Urinary copper excretion is increased.

The rubeanic acid and rhodanine stains in the Copper Stain Kit are used to stain the cytoplasmic accumulation of copper in the liver.

Copper Deposits: Light Brown to Red
Nuclei: Blue

Instructions For Use

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